You can be a victim, or you can lock and load

Whether you’re passionate about sport shooting, or a first-time gun owner looking for a means to protect yourself, Gunnery Arms & Ammo can assist you in making the right decision.

Crime in South Africa shows no signs of slowing down. We offer a range of the best personal security measures on the market – from pepper spray and pocket knives to firearms - at affordable prices. But owning a firearm comes along with responsibility. Our competency training takes you through the basic theory of owning, carrying and using a firearm as well as the practical confidence of actually taking a shot.

Firearm Competency Training

We are Sasseta and PFTC registered and offer firearm competency courses.

The unit standards we cover are:

Legal test 117705
Handle and use of a handgun 119649
Handle and use of a manually operated rifle 119651
Handle and use of a semi auto Carbine 119650
Handle and use of a shotgun 119652

Firearm Motivations

After you have completed your firearm competency course and purchased your firearm, you will need a written motivation for your application. We can assist with compiling your entire application to emphasise why you need to carry a firearm, which may include the most recent crime statistics in the areas you live in and travel to and the type of work you do.

Types of motivations may differ:

New firearm motivations
Pre-owned firearm motivations
Estate-owned firearm motivations
Estate firearms inherited or purchased from the estate motivations

Previously Owned Firearms

If you’re wanting to sell your old firearms or trade them in for a newer one, you can bring it to Gunnery Arms & Ammo for an evaluation. We do accept pre-owned firearms in almost any condition.

Please remember to bring the following along:

Copy of I.D (Certified)
Original firearm license
Actual firearm for evaluation 

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